Welcome! My name is Kerri, and I'm a content creator, blogger, and marketing specialist based in Vancouver, British Columbia. I can often be found outdoors (accompanied by my camera, of course!) and pushing the boundaries of creativity is what I like to do best. This website is where I post about my daily adventures, fashion, lifestyle, and more. Thank you a ton for stopping by and I can't wait to connect!


Growing up surrounded by mountains and an abundance of nature, I've always had an appreciation for the outdoors. However, a few years ago I found myself feeling trapped by school and work, keeping me away from any source of fun and adventure. Over time I realized that I was missing out, especially living in such a beautiful city, and I knew that something had to change. That is when I began blogging for other organizations, which pushed me to "get out there". I mean, in order to be a blogger you have to have something to write about...right?! The change was incredible, and I found myself exploring more, and taking time for myself.

That brings me to the purpose of this blog: Adventures with Kerri. It is a reminder to me, and hopefully will be a reminder to others, that it is important to take breaks that allow you to get outdoors or simply relax. My ultimate goal is to improve my own lifestyle and encourage others to do so. After all, as High School Musical taught us in 2006 "We're all in this together" (Sorry, I had to). But really, I see too many others so busy with life that they forget to LIVE, and would love to see that changed.

As for myself? I recently completed a BBA Honours degree with concentrations in both marketing and management information systems (MIS). I also work in the marketing field which allows me to constantly push my creative side, and is another thing that I love!

One last thing...once you are done here, don't forget to find your own adventure! I promise you won't regret it! :)