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Searching for Spring Time While Exploring with JORD

Searching for Spring Time While Exploring with JORD

Spring is nearing and I can't wait for the warmer weather! In the past few weeks a non-rainy (or non-snowy) day has been rare in Vancouver, but on a recent clear day, I was inspired to go exploring thanks to my JORD watch.

How does a watch spark an adventure? It's simple. JORD is known for its luxury Wood Watches, which are elegant enough to be worn in the office, but are also hand crafted to spark the wanderlust in anyone. My JORD is part of the Frankie 35 Series, in Zebrawood & Navy which creates a beautiful mix of wood grain and colour!


After grabbing my boyfriend, and of course my camera, my JORD took me to a small dock that overlooks Buntzen Lake, not far from Vancouver, B.C..  As you can see from the photo above, it truly is a peaceful (Ha. Get it?!) place. 

Once I had snapped a few photos near the lake, it was clear that a JORD steals the spotlight. Yet, this shouldn't come as a surprise. From the moment that I opened the JORD package in the mail, I was impressed. The details are incredible, and the quality can be seen and felt. On this day I also quickly learned that a JORD can be easily styled. I used it to accessorize my latest spring time exploring outfit, consisting of leggings, a soft blue tee, and a long army green jacket. Essentially this means that a JORD wood watch is a must-have accessory!

Also, men who want a wood watch don't have to worry, because JORD makes men's watches too, and they look sharp! Some unisex pieces even mean that techncially you and your significant other could match.

Although I have to admit, that previously I had rarely sported a watch while out, this timepiece has quickly become the exception. I'm glad that I have it to help me navigate the busy spring time, while ensuring that I stay classy and fashionable even when I am out with nature.

Oh, and another amazing thing about a JORD? Each comes with its own wooden box, so that it can remain safe and stylishly tucked away while it awaits its next adventure. 


Can't wait to purchase a JORD of your own? Enter to win a $100 code towards your timepiece before March 26, 2017 here. As a bonus, all entrants will receive a $25 code, so enter now before you run out of time (okay, I promise I will stop with the puns)!

As always, thank you for reading, and I hope that you and your own JORD can do some exploring this spring too!

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